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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Azeman Vampire from South America

The azeman is a vampire in folklore from Surinam, which is situated north of Brazil, and it is in South America.  This vampire can be male or female, and it is similar to the Caribbean vampire, the loogaoo.  The two vampires share several traits such as the ability to shapeshift into different animals which it uses to search for pray during the night, and it is not classified as “undead” because the vampire is a living person who chooses to transform at night, and who cannot be easily identified as a vampire when they are in their human form.  

Similar to the loogaoo and many European vampires, the azeman has a very bad habit or obligation to count things, and people can use this as a way to distract the vampire during an attack and run to safety, defend their home from the threat of attack, or even distract the vampire until daylight.  A good way to protect yourself from this vampire is to put a pile of seeds in front of your house entrances and windows, so that the vampire will have to count them all before they are able to enter the premises.  A way to discover who the vampire is, is to get a big pile of seeds and scatter them when you see the azeman, so that it will take a very long time to count them all, resulting in the process taking until morning, then the azeman turns into their human form, and it can be identified.  This type of vampire does not die when the sun shines on it, but if someone sees it transforming into the vampire, they can use other “methods” to get rid of the vampire, before it gets rid of you. 

Protecting yourself from a vampire and farming at the same time is like killing two birds with one stone right?  Not many things are worse than an OCD bat flying into your house to suck your blood.

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